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When you’ve been procrastinating on something important, getting started can feel overwhelming. The longer you procrastinate, the worse it gets. Sometimes, only a looming deadline or threatened penalty can overcome the inertia. Procrastinators are all too familiar with the cycle of defer, delay, distract, and . . . PANIC!

6 Brix uses small, “doable” blocks of time (Brix!) to help you get past the urge to do, well, anything else. Whether you’re working on your dissertation, establishing a regular exercise habit, learning to play an instrument, or getting started on that novel you’ve always wanted to write, 6 Brix helps you set aside time to get it done.

Procrastination doesn’t have to cheat you out of achieving something amazing. Use the 6 Brix app to set your goals, do the work in easy pieces, build good habits, and watch your efforts add up, brix by brix. You can see how it works here:

Small steps + consistent effort = SUCCESS!

Sweeten the life you have – by 6 Brix!

Curious about some of the science that supports the 6 Brix approach to solving procrastination? Maria Konnikova of the New Yorker wrote a great article summing it up. Check out Maria’s article here: https://www.newyorker.com/science/maria-konnikova/a-procrastination-gene.

Another great article was published today by Ryan Prior on CNN.com that explores the science behind creating new, good-for-you habits. In the article, Ryan interviews Katy Milkman, a professor at the Wharton School of Business, who is spending her career studying habit development. If you read all the way to the end, you will see that 6 Brix’s methodology is supported by Professor Milkman’s scientific findings, including the way we built in flexibility for when you do your brix on any given day. If you planned to do a brix at 11:00, and your good friend called and wanted to go to lunch at 11:30, you can simply do your brix later when you have time. Its better to keep your promise to yourself and complete a brix “late” than it is to skip it all together! You can read the article here: How to build lasting habits for a better life – CNN.

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