Every Day, The Same Advice

Who among us doesn’t know that awful feeling of being unable to make yourself get started on anything as you sit by helplessly and watch your life pass before your eyes? Some of us suffer with it more than others, but whether the feeling is temporary or chronic, it can really wallop one’s self-esteem. But then, when you watch your kids start to struggle with the same old toxic loop, the despair gets real.

In building 6 Brix, I relied principally on my own experience and observation to come up with a solution to being flat-out stuck. Turns out, my suppositions are not only supported by recent research, but that research is becoming more and more mainstream.

It seems like every morning I read an article that makes the case for 6 Brix. I’m glad. Or, at least I’m partly glad. On the plus side, 6 Brix actualizes what these articles are recommending to people – to set aside small blocks of time to work on your important things. The small blocks serve two purposes – (1) they can fit into everyone’s day – and break up the usual flow of distractions, and (2) almost anyone can do anything, however daunting, for 30 minutes or an hour. 6 Brix adds accountability to the mix, and even makes it fun. On the minus side, (so far) not enough people know about 6 Brix!

I hope to use this blog to participate in the larger conversation about fighting procrastination, habit-building, productivity, and time management. Stay tuned. Being an ace procrastinator, you know I’m going to need to add a project in 6 Brix to have any hope of keeping up!

If you see anything interesting you’d like to add to the discussion, let me know in comments or through the contact form.

Photo by SevenStorm JUHASZIMRUS on Pexels.com

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